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German punk/hardcore fanzine OX just reviewed “Death For Sale” on their October/November issue. Here’s a scan from the magazine and a translation.

This trio from Paris just slaps out 11 songs in about 13 minutes and the song “Abolish Bullfighting,” “Mob Justice” or “Consumerist Alienation” suggest a political attitude, which I, due to the absence of a lyrics attachment, cannot conclusively judge. The cover artwork is anarcho-crust-like and musically, the guitars sound like old-school Discharge; the brash vocals sound like early T.S.O.L., Attitude Adjustment or Adolescents. I’m currently asking myself whether or not this sound would still work if it were produced well or if it’s exactly due to the imperfections that provide the allure. Whatever, I like it.

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Website really enjoyed our latest album and made an enthusiastic review about it. Here is it:


Crusty, grindy, nasty hardcore. There is some DRI, some Agnostic Front, a little Cro-Mags, a bunch of Amibex, a heavy syringe full of GBH, and a few milk cartons full of old-school 7”s thrown in for inspiration.

The vicious vegan attitude is both welcomed and eagerly loved over here. I am always down for an album by a band who live what they preach, and preach what I live.

A few great songs all vie for a favorite place on my list, but I cant really pick one, or even 2-3 to single out, the super sharp blasts each go for the throat. I cant tell you all how cool this album is. Plus, its like 13 minutes in total, so even if you don’t like it, its worth giving a few spins. Plus, if you like the Circle Jerks, you will probably like this band. And if you don’t like the Circle Jerks… well… fuck you.

The little touches of some Krishna-core elements on the album help to bring this album home closer for me.

Maybe I just connected with this album because of my background and love of hardcore, edge bands, crustpunks, street punk, oi, and krishna-core, but dammit, I love this album.
There isn’t much to say about the album that isn’t just ‘buy it, but it, buy it!’, so I think I will just end the review by saying…


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