Band info

From left to right: William: Drums, Jacques Saph: guitar/vocals, Olli: Bass.

Secular Plague

Formed in 2012 by ex-Sleeping Children bass player, Jacques Saph, Secular Plague is an anarcho-punk band that mixes the intensity of 80’s hardcore punk with the darkness of deathrock.

With most of their songs being shorter than 1’30, Secular Plague’s sound can be described as raw, dark and straight up to the point. Olli plays fast and catchy bass lines as vocalist Saph spits venom onto a variety of topics including animal rights, politics and non-conformism.

Since the beginning, the band has a strong commitment towards the animal liberation cause and has played charity gigs, appeared on benefit compilations and made donations to various non-profit animal-rights organizations.

Secular Plague has released 3 records and has shared spots in France, UK, Belgium & Russia with such notable anarcho-punk heavyweights as Subhumans, The Mob, Andy T, Liberty and Hagar The Womb.