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SP album has been reviewed by Twilight from Guts of Darkness. Below is a google English traduction. The full review (in French) is available here.

You remember Sleeping Children? This batcave/deathrock band from France had, after many changes of line-up, produced an album on the Austrian label Strobelight, toured Europe, a more punk side project (Gay Worms Invasion) had even been launched, then nothing, nothingness … If you were fans, rejoice, Saphire, its former leader, came out of retirement with a pack of TNT under the arm. His new project, Secular Plague, in which he provides vocals and plays all the instruments, looms as indeed totally punk, a dirty and direct punk legacy of the Sex Pistols but darker, which would lead me by titles thinking about Rudimentary Peni (‘Based on a nonsense’, ‘The breath of eternity’, ‘the endless fight’), which was reinforced by short pieces, like those of English, rarely exceeds two minutes.

It is the policy of non-frills, effective direct knocking in your face and then goes away. Rather successful. We have a sound dominated by dirty grain of the guitar and singing for simple melodies, fairly standard in writing but still fun to slip into your ears. Moreover, this key and obscure these tempi sometimes more ‘slow’ (referring to those songs I just Rudimentary Peni) permit variable about a disc of just over a quarter of an hour. Hardcore punk deathrock flirtations between anger and existentialism, Secular Plague keeps the pressure, title after title, without giving the listener time to catch his breath, the omnipresent guitar sound in my opinion acting as a thread…

A disc symbolizing immediate anger, dark punk in its essence, music that hurts and just waiting to be abused.

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